Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, biogas, waste-to-energy, and hydropower technologies are providing more of the world’s energy as costs fall and countries seek to limit carbon footprints and secure energy supplies. This growth is also being fuelled by advances in distributed generation, smart grids, and energy storage. At the same time, companies face challenges such as grid integration, subsidy reductions, and supplier consolidation.

The company helps utility companies, developers, equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, and governments capture value from renewable energy and build a sustainable competitive advantage. To bring the latest and best thinking about power and clean technologies to our clients, we invest in building our knowledge and drawing from external industry experts. Through our work, we also help shape the debate in the renewable industry and society as a whole.

By providing deep insight into the attractiveness of technologies, markets, and entry options, we support companies as they plan to enter renewable businesses or expand along the value chain. Our global presence enables us to help clients capture a broad range of opportunities across multiple markets and segments, including industrial demand for green power.

We also work with renewable-power operators and equipment manufacturers to identify cost drivers, improve return on investment, and minimize risks through long-term contracts and strategic partnerships. To support timely decision making and build clients’ capabilities in bidding, forecasting, and hedging, we help design and embed new organizational processes, skills, and mind-sets.